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I ran away into the streets at an early age, way before I was a man. The men and young men who embraced me quickly taught me the survival skills I needed. By the age of 18, I found myself in a courtroom, fighting for my life, facing a potential life sentence for robbery due to California’s strict gang-related laws.

At 19, I was handed a 20-year prison sentence. It was a last-minute offer from the district attorney, and I had just five minutes to make the hardest decision of my life. Reflecting on that day, making decisions as the CEO of How To Battle seems far less daunting. Entering a maximum-security prison in California, I still possessed a teenage mindset, but the harsh environment forced me to grow up quickly. Spending nearly two decades in prison, I learned the true essence of manhood. I was shaped by men from all walks of life—some great, some not—but each imparted valuable lessons. I didn’t fully appreciate their significance until I was released and reentered society after serving 17 of the 20 years I was given.

Transitioning back into the free world, I started to observe and learn from successful men around me. I noticed that they exhibited qualities and values I had acquired in prison, albeit applied differently. Traits such as self-reflection, leading by example, keeping one’s word, accountability, and discipline were as vital outside as they were behind bars. These principles became the foundation of my life and my success as a free man.

In my new book, Warrior in the Garden: 7 Rules for Men, I outline these principles—rules that every man should embody, teach their sons, and share with young men who look up to them. This book is not just for men; it’s for anyone seeking to understand what it truly means to be a man. Whether you are a young man beginning your journey, an older man seeking fulfillment, or even a woman wanting to understand the essence of masculinity, this book offers invaluable insights.

In today’s society, men often feel unfulfilled, unhappy, and unsure of their place. The noise of cancel culture and societal pressures can make it difficult for men to embrace their true selves. Yet, history has shown us the power of good men to effect positive change. We need more good men, strong leaders, and mentors to guide the next generation. Warrior in the Garden is a guide to becoming that kind of man. The rules I learned in prison and live by today have helped me achieve success, and I believe they can do the same for others. These rules are universal, timeless, and crucial for navigating the complexities of modern masculinity.

This book is dedicated to every man who has profoundly impacted my life, for better or for worse. Each encounter taught me invaluable lessons that have shaped who I am today. To Chris, my first real best friend, whose tragic departure from this world left indelible marks on my heart and mind. In our brief years together during our teens, you imparted lessons of loyalty, friendship, and dedication that have surpassed all others. You showed me that to commit to something is to give your all—100%. To the men in prison who stood by me when I was thrust into that harsh world at a young age. You taught me survival, not through force, but through guidance and wisdom, asking nothing in return but hoping to see me walk free one day, even if you couldn’t envision the same for yourselves.

To everyone reading this book: may it enlighten you, inspire change, and help you grow. May it guide you to live courageously and with integrity, no matter where you find yourself. God bless you all.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Get your copy of my book Warrior in the Garden: 7 Rules for Men on Amazon here. Discover what it truly means to be a man in today’s world.


Take Care, and Keep Battling!




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