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From Convict to CEO

Freed in 2021, Carlos’s insatiable hunger for knowledge led him to the Drucker School of Management, where he earned a degree in entrepreneurship. Armed with his education, he founded How To Battle – not merely as a consulting business but as a transformative movement. Through this venture, Carlos shares his empowering message, offering keynote speeches and training in diverse arenas, ranging from corporate and academic institutions to foster homes to the very prisons in which he was once confined.

Despite the bars that held him, Carlos’s spirit remained unshackled. He pursued education, attained a degree in psychology, and transformed his tribulations into cornerstones of personal evolution. From the silence of his cell emerged The PRICE: Five Principles to Break the Bonds of Trauma and Achieve Personal Success. Published in March 2023, this book has since illuminated paths for many across the globe, heralded in educational institutions as a torchbearer of hope and a blueprint for achieving success.

Now rooted in Los Angeles, Carlos tirelessly propels others forward, converting his saga of struggles into an emblem of hope and personal transformation. His signature talks delve deep into overcoming adversity, resilience, unwavering accountability, and the five principles that have steered his life’s course.

Charles & MelindaParents

I had my doubts, but after just a few sessions, the shift in our son's attitude was undeniable. He now faces challenges head-on!

Paula EckertLiteracy Coordinator, Jack London Schools

Carlos's visit has not only left a lasting impression on our students but also on our staff and parents, inspiring a collective belief in the potential to transcend difficulties. We highly recommend Carlos Vasquez and his impactful book to anyone looking to inspire hope and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Kevin C. BrownLCSW, PPSC, School Social Worker

Carlos has significantly impacted our students, providing them with hope and guidance through his coaching. His ability to connect with students and staff has filled a much-needed gap, bringing light and positivity into our school environment.

Grace & NathanAunt and uncle

The guidance and support has been great! Our nephew Is now enrolled in college, something we never thought possible a year ago.

Amir & RoxanaParents

Our son’s transformation was quick and remarkable. The impact was immense. Carlos saved our son and gifted him back to us.

Dr. Courtney MatzPhD, P.R.S., Loyola Marymount University & Los Angeles County Office of Education

Carlos's profound wisdom and real-world advice have left a lasting impression, making him an invaluable asset to any team or institution. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any endeavor aiming to inspire and uplift.

Jenny & EdParents of Middle School Program Participant

Carlos was a beacon of positivity and strength for our son during his transition into Middle School, with weekly coaching sessions and frequent check-ins between sessions. His calming and assured manner was the perfect match for our son, instilling a newfound confidence and eagerness to embrace life’s challenges. His expert guidance empowered our son to adeptly handle the complex social dynamics and academic challenges, marking the beginning of an incredibly successful and joyful new chapter.




Carlos grows up in a supportive environment in a good neighborhood with both parents, excelling in school and sports.


The unexpected departure of Carlos’s father dramatically alters his life path. Devastated, Carlos runs away from home at age 13, seeking solace and escape in the streets.

into Crime

Homelessness soon follows, leading Carlos into the clutches of gang life, substance addiction, and criminal activities. During this period, he witnesses his best friend and mentor tragically take his own life during a game of Russian roulette, deeply traumatizing Carlos and exacerbating his spiral into violence and crime.

at 19

Facing a potential life sentence for his crimes, Carlos is ultimately offered a plea deal of 20 years with two strikes, a decision he had to make within five minutes. He accepts, beginning a grueling journey of incarceration at a young age.

First Decade
in Prison

Reflecting his tumultuous life outside, Carlos spends his initial years in prison engaged in violence and survival tactics. His experiences in solitary confinement, including a continuous three-year period, test his mental and physical endurance to the extreme.


Approximately a decade into his sentence, Carlos’s perspective shifts profoundly. Inspired by an encounter with a chaplain during his time in solitary confinement, he starts to explore faith, pursue self-education, and contemplate his deeper purpose and value in life.

and Leadership

Despite facing serious repercussions for his transformation, including being stabbed, Carlos emerges as a mentor and leader within the prison community. He commits to helping fellow inmates rediscover hope and purpose, fostering a supportive environment amidst despair.

and Purpose

Upon his release, Carlos embarks on a mission to empower others through coaching, consulting, and motivational speaking. His experiences and lessons learned from the foundation of his book, The P.R.I.C.E, and his business, How To Battle. His work aims to guide individuals and organizations through adversity, encouraging personal and collective growth and transformation.

Carlos Vasquez's

Carlos Vasquez’s journey from a troubled youth to a beacon of hope and change is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. His life story illustrates the transformative power of introspection, resilience, and the profound impact of turning one’s struggles into a catalyst for helping others. Today, as the founder and CEO of How To Battle, Carlos continues to inspire and guide many toward overcoming their battles and achieving their full potential.

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